Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

SKU 5161116

  • Hospital strength pump maximizes your milk output
  • Comfortable and gentle on breasts
  • Designed with noise cancellation experts for a quiet, discreet pumping experience
  • Lightweight and portable with multiple power sources – plug, battery, and car adapter (batteries and car adapter not included)
  • 3-year warranty

What’s included: Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump, (2) 30.5mm Flange Kits, (2) 28.0mm Soft Flange Inserts, (2) 5 fl. oz. Advanced Milk Collection Bottles, (2) Bottle Cap Rings with Silicone Sealing Discs, (2) Extra Membranes (1) AC Adapter, Instructions for Use

Brand and model eligibility may vary by health insurance plan.  Our breast pump specialists can help you understand your insurance benefits for breast pumps.