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Breast Pumps

Spectra Manual Breast Pump

By May 4, 2021September 9th, 2021No Comments

Spectra Manual Breast Pump

Convenient and hassle-free, the Spectra Handy PLUS Manual Breast Pump is lightweight and efficient. Its powerful yet comfortable suction will help you express more breast milk in less time whether you’re running to the gym or taking a quick break.

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Price without insurance: $350
**Please call 844-727-6667 to provide payment


  • Comfortable, light, efficient and portable
  • Portable manual breast pump with massage insert
  • Built in back flow protection device to ensure safe and hygienic expressing at all times


  • Spectra Silicone Massager Insert
  • Spectra Hygienic Silicone Duck Bill Valve
  • Spectra Hand-Pump Handle
  • Silicone Diaphragm
  • Diaphragm Link
  • Valve Head
  • Spectra 24mm Flange (non-detachable)
  • Spectra Hand-Pump Bottle, Nipple, Cap, Disc, Lid, Stand


Adjustable Speed/Suction Control YES
Single and DoublePumping YES
2 Phase Expression Technology YES
Closed System YES
Digital Display NO
Additional Upgrade Charge* $95.00

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